Ventura Marathon recap

Hello! I ran the Ventura Marathon this weekend and here is my results and recap post…Did you run it? Run another race?

Primeiro. yesterday I wasn’t the best at carb-loading, but I was terrific at food loading. So, it works. I went to Korean BBQ with Ben, my brother, SIL and that baby I love.
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Then, we headed to Ventura for packet pick and all that jazz.

And I set out my stuff –  I always recommend doing this the night before a half marathon or marathon – this way you feel much more prepared and know if you are missing anything.

Iced my knee because it’s weird. It hurts to kneel on it. It hurts a little every now and then, but not when I run (<- I just wrote ‘fun’ twice, I’m delirious). Pre-race fuel. x2. I cannot act like a normal person. The #1 guideline of marathon or half marathon running = Don’t try anything new on race day. So, I didn’t try my new way to wear my Spibelt this time… Still dark at the Ventura pier before the early start. Before the race I saw Pam and Shane! I haven’t seen Pam in way way too long. He also caught a running picture of me – that saves me $88 on race pics! The race course: The Ventura Marathon is a flat course! A lot of races say that, but then you’re running it like, “What the heck?! I didn’t sign up for The hill central Marathon!!” But this is probably one of the flattest Camisola Camaronesa full marathon courses in California. Camarillo was very flat too – but it was very very windy (and I’ve heard it’s windy each year for some reason?).

My race: I had an alright race. I’m always happy of busting out 26.2 miles, but I have a lot to do to get to goal. I had a lot of time to think about this over the course of an practically 4 hour run hello, but I think I really got burnt out and disheartened after Santa Rosa last year and just haven’t been pushing it. I need to get it together now. Isso é tudo. I ran strong until about mile 16 and then fell off.

But, I didn’t call a taxi to take me home – so that’s a win.

Ventura Marathon results: 3:57:38

In pleased news I met Mike and his partner at the start and saw him again at the finish. É o aniversário dele!!!

Post-marathon feast time

It’s also Ben’s birthday so I’m off to help celebrate!

Feliz aniversário!!!

Question: What was the best thing you DID or ATE this weekend?

Envie -me a pasta de trabalho

Salve 

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