The top ten finest things From my trip to 1 degree Temperature.

Ok. So I’m back from Minneapolis as well as have lastly thawed out! Uso. It was an amazing trip. I like travel blogging as well as seeing my peeps as well as eating all the cereal!!

Now I’m chasing a few deadlines, catching up on email as well as trying to disregard the traces of feline barf on the edge of my comforter.
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And now right here are the other things I wished to share about my trip to one half of the twin cities…

Top 10 reasons I liked My see to the Artic Tundra / general Mills’ HQ / Minneapolis

1. Cinnamon toast crunch Coffee. Whaaaaaaat?!

Sim. This was a part of the coffee bar for breakfast. É incrível. They served it hot (because it was 1 degree out, hello) however I poured mine over ice.

Check out the Cinnamon toast crunch chilly Brew Coffee recipe here

2. Lunch was amazing. It was some elegant catered in lunch as well as I ate it all.

3. somebody asked if they had dairy totally free choices at the cereal bar – YES. really they had about 12 milk choices including soy, almond, chocolate almond, strawberry as well as Peanut Butter Milk! It’s just PB as well as milk blended. Dooooo it.

4. obviously that man from the Kardashians utilized to be an athlete

I believe this is me taking a photo of this! Ha!!

5. Cheerios as art:

6. They have walking desks as well as so I had to try as well as blog as well as run as well as eat at the exact same time…

7. We had a trip of the photography studio as well as prop space – they are dreamy.

7. having people around to assist me take photos so I don’t have to ask my bit sibling as well as end up with a lot of blurry selfies since he was trying to be funny.

8. satisfying other people who take cereal as seriously as I do.

9. Tina showing me pics of Quinn.

10. dinner the night before was at Travail kitchen area as well as Amusements in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

Everything from the mixed drinks to the appetizers to the presentation of the programs was great!

Lobster roll in a bisque to dip…

Tiny tacos! Eu gosto disso.

All of it was amazing, however the dessert was additional fun. We drizzled a liquid into dry ice in between programs as well as it was incorporated into a cereal based dessert!

Check out my instagram video right here for a online action shot!


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